Saturday, January 29, 2011

Qamdo : Amazing Small Town From China

The Qamdo prefecture (also Chamdo) is located in eastern Tibet and was the first city in the Chinese Army liberated Tibet. During the last decades, education has developed rapidly. Currently all pupils of school age in the agricultural and pastoral areas covered by the policy of free food, and learn inwoonst apply. Now count the 529 schools 107,626 students. In primary education, 98% of school-age children enrolled in lower secondary is 90% but the higher secondary level only 26%. It is taught in both Tibetan and Chinese.

Before 1950 there was no hospital. Currently a combination of Chinese, Tibetan and Western medical institutions. Medical care in the agricultural and pastoral areas is subsidized by the government at the rate of an annual average of 180 yuan per person. In 2009 alone, this 50 million yuan spent. Advances in the health system increased the average life expectancy of 35.5 years for the liberation 67 years now, the population increased from 254,000 in 1959 to 641,000 now.

Great efforts on the development of culture: for example, the Repadans Denqen in the canton, and Gorchomkringdans and Shinzedans in the canton Mangkam included on the State List of Cultural Heritage. In the area of the prefecture, eight cultural centers, a center for folk art, a library, at cantonal level seven cultural stations and another 22 bookstores in the rural area. Television covers 80% of the area. Statistics show that 496 religious sites with 13,695 lamas and nuns.

The local government strongly promotes the formation of the staff. End of 2009 was 7953 persons trained as a manager or expert: it is 74% of ethnic minorities and half are women. On the environmental side is running the project to re-forest or agricultural land to pasture. Meadows take 5.4 million hectares, 3.7 million ha of forests: together 34% of the total area. Qamdo has two national nature reserves, forest park and a ditto of a regional nature. On the social front extends the system of social security is out. There is a minimum benefit for the urban poor and rural. The payment of pensions reached 100%. So far, 20 elderly homes built around four service centers.

Qamdo already has a modern industrial structure with 72 sectors. Total production last year totaled 5.79 billion yuan, of which 2.196 billion agricultural production. Since the area between mountains and valleys, is a good transmission network. The total investment reached 4.14 billion during the eleventh five year plan. In the four years these 206 road projects were implemented. Now, the prefecture has built 9164 km roads. Approximately 72% of villages and towns can be reached by road. This must be 100% during the twelfth five year plan. Qamdo, which has numerous tourist attractions, withdrew in 2009 300.000 tourists with a total income of 190 million yuan. The better transportation will still grow. Mentioned that 80% of the council members in the People's Congresses of the ethnic minorities. In Qamdo they know the difference between a system without human rights, as before, and one with.

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