Sunday, January 31, 2010

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Depending on your image size, image ads will appear on places that fits them. However, images that are too big or unsuitable will be rejected. Preferred image size are 125×125, 160×200, and 468×60. Animated image is allowed, but not flash. Pricing depends on image size and ad placement.

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Sponsoring a post or review on this blog will not only generate some buzz to the targeted website, but will also have some benefits in term of SEO as the link in that post will be there permanently. A standard sponsored post or reviews will cost $200.

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While the above listed advertising method are the most common ones, you can be creative and come out with your own idea. For example, placing text link ads or image ads on a specific post only. If you have any advertising method thats not listed above, feel free to contact me with details and I will get you back as soon as possible with as much details as possible like pricing etc.

The above is just a brief guide on what is possible. Things are flexible and can be adjusted according to your needs. All you have to do is just drop me a few lines at and we will have a good discussion over it.

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